Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Why Mohamed Salah is an overrated player

Salah the overrated player?

As we all know that Mohamed Salah is a hot topic nowadays and he has been applauded for his generosity and kindness and that must be acknowledged for sure.

Steven Gerrard commented to him that, “Without a shadow of a doubt, he’s the best player on the planet right now,”

But as a matter of fact, there are people who believe that Mohamed Salah is an over-rated player and all of those have a proper explanation for that. First of all, it’s a fact that he had a total of 44 goals last season and out of those 44 goals, 17 were deemed tap-ins which would be scored by any player in his position.

The bitter truth is that the Liverpool team was very creative last season and gave Mohamed Salah many opportunities to score well. Some of the chances were taken by Mohamed Salah but the rest was missed out as well.

Many people claim that Mohamed Salah is creative, but as a matter of fact, he just created 14 big chances last season. And if we compare these numbers with the chances that he wasted, its just 0.60% of that.

On the other hand, players like Shaqiri, who played for a relegated team created almost 14 chances. So we can say that Salah’s creativity is a myth and nothing else.

Many people praise him for dribbling. He was only able to manage 2.2 dribbles per minute while unsuccessfully attempting 1.3 dribbles every match last season in the premier league.

Last but not least; Mohamed Salah is extremely one-footed. And this thing will affect his numbers in the future for sure.

If we take in count the numbers of last season, he only managed to have 5 right footed goals which are the 15 % of the total goals he scored. The fact that we can conclude from these numbers is that he needs to improve a lot before we start comparing him with the greats of all times.

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