Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Why Real Madrid isn’t the greatest club ever

Why Real Madrid isn’t the greatest club ever

Why Real Madrid isn’t the greatest club ever

It’s true that Real Madrid is one of the oldest and the most successful club in the world but that doesn’t make them the greatest club ever.


Have you ever thought that how many great players Real Madrid has produced from their youth academy? Like their rivals Barcelona produced Xavi, Messi, Iniesta just like Milan produced Maldini, Arsenal produced Cesc and United produced players like Giggs, Beckham, Scholes and many others.

That’s not all, even 2nd tier clubs have produced many big names, but Real Madrid is far behind in that list. Although numerous star players have served the club that was not produced by  Madrid.

The club’s legacy is zero they have given football nothing except plastic fans and fake charisma.

If you see the history of the club all they do is that they sign big names in their prime and then when they are going through a rough patch they simply transfer all the big names to the recycle bin and sign a new batch of star players. T

That is the reason why there are no legends at the club. We all know what they did with Iker and Raul, who spent their lives at Bernabeu and on the other hand, we also saw how Barca treats Dinho, Iniesta, Xavi and their other legends. Maybe what Ronaldo and Jese did with Madrid was right or maybe what Madrid did with Kaka and Sahin was right, it’s debatable.

Another reason why we can’t consider Real Madrid as the greatest club ever is because of their head to head record against their rivals Barcelona.

We all know that a very huge number of football fans all around the globe consider Barcelona as the greatest club ever so it was compulsory for Real Madrid to have a good record against them.

But it is a whole different story, the side failed to continue their success against their rivals. They both have faced each other 238 times in which Barca was successful 113 times and Madrid are 14 wins behind them.

So these are the few reasons why Real Madrid cannot be the greatest club ever. They are without any doubt one of the bests and the most successful club ever, but to be the greatest you got to have a legacy and glory without the power of money, which we don’t see in Madrid’s case.

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