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The richest gambler in the world?

Richest Gambler in the World

Who's the richest gambler in the world?

Gambling, the guilty or proud pleasure for all the people from all walk of life, gambling can be done usually in sports games, competitions and yes, of course, casinos (the home for the gamblers).

People earn and lose a lot in this gambling world.

Check out the list of some few top wealthiest gamblers of the world who gambled their way to glory, Bill Benter, Edward Thorp, Zeljko Ranogajec, Billy Walters, Alan Woods and many more.


BILL BENTER, the richest of them all?

William Bill Benter was born and raised in Pittsburgh. He is a mathematics magician since his childhood; he was a child that parents lucky to have. Benter always deals significantly with the numbers.

After graduating in physics degree, he started playing blackjack and poker in Las Vegas; he proved himself a God in counting cards, he used his mathematics talent on the tables of casinos.

Benter was inspired by the book “Beat the Dealer” by professor Edward Torph, it helped him a lot in getting better, and he came up with improvised games, tricks, and techniques.

Later on, he developed a large and most successful computer software regarding horse racing, that overcome the whole market of horse racing in Hong Kong. Reportedly he earned $10 billions of dollars a year.

After gambling a lot in casinos and being a familiar face in the world of casinos, he stopped himself playing casino games; He started betting on horse racing.

He hired a professional team who place the bets with perfection and lead him towards peaks of success.

Benter is a great philanthropist, who supports the United States and Hong Kong with the sincere and depth of his heart.

He donates and organizes various high-end charitable events to help poor, human services, promote education and other citizenship affairs.

So, there have been many most affluent gambler but above were notables names who made in the world of gambling, indeed and hopefully they’ll be more.


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