Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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The betting on sports is an action where the gamblers predict the results of the matches by placing some stakes in the outcome. Betting on sports is very common.

We have a different type of betting’s in sports. One of the most common sorts of betting is handicap betting. The Handicap betting is one of the fastest growing bets at the moment and this setting applies to different sports like football, rugby, cricket, basketball and tennis in particular.

A Handicapped betting is a betting where the teams playing is given a handicap before the start of play. The handicapped betting rule applies to the matches when there is one dominant team and the other team is the underdog.

Let’s take an example of a football game where there are two teams playing, Team A and Team B. Team A is favored to win the match and team B is the underdog in this example. Now, Team A will be given a negative handicap like -1, this -1 is the amount of goal deficit that is awarded before the kick off because they are favorites to win the match.

Similarly, the underdog team, i.e. Team B will be given a positive handicap or a goal head start and it will be represented by +1. Now if you have made a bet on Team A, then it is mandatory for them to win by at least with 2 goals difference, and if they do so, then you win your bet, but if they win by 1 goal difference, so it will be considered as a draw and the handicap betting rule will be applied where you are refunded your actual bet.

So, to summarize a handicap betting is the process where the bookmaker gives a virtual advantage or disadvantage to certain contenders to even the match before the play.

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