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Fan Violence in International Soccer

How serious is fan violence in soccer games?

How serious is fan violence?Fan violence in soccer games

There are certain things fans are passionate about, and history has shown that there is a fine line between passion and violence when it comes to sporting events.

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, and this means there are a lot of passionate football fans out there, and with passion comes a great deal of seriousness which sometimes translates into violence.

Many times we witness and hear cases of fan violence before, during, and after soccer matches.

Why is that? Some may ask, well the answer is not far-fetched.

Soccer fans tend to be extremely attached to the sport for a range of different reasons, and these are situations where they go entirely overboard that subsequently results in fan violence.

In this article, we will discuss the causes of fan violence and how they affect the fans and the game as a whole.


Plausible causes of fan violence

Listed below, are the most common causes of fan violence with regards to soccer:

● On-pitch violence and arguments: Sometimes, fan violence can occur as a result of a quarrel between players on the pitch, coaches, and other staff that are on the field.

When some fans witness a tackle or altercation between players, they tend to also take it upon themselves to revolt against a decision of the dispute in question, and this can cause violence.

● Dissatisfaction with Referee decisions: Some fans might have reservations with regard to decisions or calls made by the referees, and this can also result in fan violence.

Penalty calls, red cards, questionable goal calls or cancellations also tend to result in fan violence.

The passion shown by fans, often results in erratic behavior when the referee makes a decision they don’t agree within the context of the game situation. The referee reserves the right to make any decision on the pitch, but some fans do not care about that, and they result in violence.

Fan violence should be frowned upon, as it sometimes results in injuries and rare cases, death. Soccer is a game that should be played in the right spirit and manner.


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