Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Is There A Way To Cheat In Sports Betting?

Ways to cheat in Sports Betting...

Is there a way to cheat in sports betting?

Sports betting is at its peak, and its audience is higher than ever before. But along with the audience, they have also increased their security. Now sports betting is more secure than it has ever been. And this is good for both the users and the bookies.

Yes, there are several betting systems available in the market which promise you profit, profit, and only profit. But such systems can be a total scam. There is no guaranteed profit in the business of betting.

You might make millions, and you might lose your whole life savings on it. I’ve seen many rags to riches, and I’ve also seen many millionaires getting their pockets empty.

It is 2019, and very difficult to cheat in sports betting on the front end. But yes, there are many illegal ways on the back end through which you can make money.


Affiliate Account Method

The first and most used is the Affiliate Account Method. Many sites of the world allow its users to gain the advantage of affiliate accounts.

In this, if you are a user of a betting website and you invite someone to join this site, then you will be granted some percentage of the money he loses in first few bets (which can vary from site to site).

Using this method, the user makes another two affiliated accounts on the same betting site and bets on different teams through them.

Let’s say a user make two accounts A and B, and he places 100$ from each account on two different teams. If account A loses, he on his original account will typically be getting 35% of the money which he lost on A, which is 35$ in this case.

The 200$ which he spent initially, will be recovered from account B. So many users of sports betting are using this method.

Then, apart from this, you can also cheat in betting if you are in a controlling set of renowned sports. For example, if you are a dog owner and your dog is the favorite to win, then you can overfeed that dog and place a secret bet on the second favorite dog.



And then there are match-fixing methods as well, but as I said before, all of these methods have many fatal consequences attached to them.

But legally and on the front side, there is no cheating method unless you can hack the site and transfer all the money into your account.

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