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Soccer Analysis

Advanced soccer betting strategies using historical football data for popular betting markets

Advanced soccer betting strategies using historical football data for popular betting markets

Professional bettors know that selecting the correct betting market to place their bets is essential. Finding the ideal market can confuse amateurs and professionals as well, but we’re here to save your day.

Bookmakers have some betting markets up their alley, each better than the rest in some way. Let’s go through the betting strategies for popular betting markets based on historical football data.

Although these strategies may help you improve your betting skills, they are not risk-free. Every betting market comes with uncertainty; the results are purely based on your deductions and luck. Understand these popular soccer betting strategies to gain a betting edge and find more value in your next bet.

The Asian Handicap Strategy

In this form of soccer betting, the team that scores the most with the deemed handicap wins. Also called the Winning Margin strategy, it eliminates the possibility of a draw, leaving you with two options. Consider the following example with two teams A and B. In an odds market, you get three options to bet on; Team A, Team B, and a Draw.

Whereas in an Asian Handicap market, the draw is taken out of the formula. It leaves you with team A (-1) and team B (+1). Here, -1 and +1 are the handicaps based on the Win/Loss/Draw odds. For home teams, bettors hold on until the odds are near 1.5. As for away teams, it is advised to look for opportunities where the Win/Loss/Draw odds are above 1.7.


Each Way Strategy for Soccer Betting

Although applicable for most sports, the Each Way Strategy is ideal for markets with many competitors. For the European Premier League, it is a popular form of betting. Each-way betting involves two stakes; to win and to place.

This strategy protects your original wager if the team finishes up to a specific position (differs for different bookmakers). If you win, you win big, even if your team doesn’t win, you still get your money back if the team turns out to be a placer.

However, you must be willing to take the risk of losing two wagers, given the possibility that your team doesn’t become a placer.


Football Upsets Betting Strategy

When the party popularly expected to win, the favorite loses or draws a game with an ‘underdog.’ It is considered a football upset. You may think that’s not possible, but it happens all the time, and it is not at all unusual to see your favorites being crushed by underdogs. A significant contributor to such situations is that the top players of the favorite team lose motivation and underperform against underdogs.

Go through the results and performance of the underdogs in previous matches against the favorites. Consider all odds; you mustn’t look for winning streaks here. Even if the underdogs are capable of putting up a tough fight, you can bet on them to cause upsets. This wisdom-defying situation occurs a lot in soccer and can leave you with substantial profits.

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